Since 2004 we've focus on only three things; making the very best poly furniture, figuring out how to make it even better, and providing customer service that no one can beat. We have become world-famous for doing things right, and we don't plan to tarnish that reputation. It's a tall order that's not easy to live up to, but we haven't backed down from it yet. Our poly furniture is meticulously crafted by expert artisans who are passionate about their work, and who never cut corners. Work constantly on the lookout for ways to improve. One thing way we do that is by listening to our customers. How can we update styling? What can we do to make our poly furniture even stronger, will also make it more beautiful? Is there a way to increase the durability of the hardware? Can we source a better poly lumber that will take our product longevity to an even higher level? What new products can be add to our to our line?

If you live near salty sea air, relax Your casual comfort furniture can take Nature's pounding.
We use only allochrome 1500+ Hardware made of a chrome substitute that resist corrosion far better than the bolts typically used.
Allochrome is proven to outlast regular 304 and 316 (medical Grade) stainless steel hardware.
 long strong screws are wonderful for holding furniture together but not so easy on the eyes.  That's why we designed casual comfort poly furniture to hide them internally.  it's not an easy task, and many poly furniture manufacturers  don't take the time or trouble to do it.  not every piece of our furniture has no-show screws in all places, such as on underside surfaces, but were working to eliminate them to.